House To Let 2019

This article is my overview and prediction’s on what’s going on in the housing sector these are opinions and are my town – Tom Padraig

The last four years have been some of the most turbulent times for people renting in the Irish Property market. 3 bedroom houses have peaked in the greater Dublin region at between €2200 to €2500 per month.
Homeless HAP now offers landlords €1900 to house their recipient. Along with giving Estate Agents an extra €500 to house HAP people over private renters.

It’s a tale of two sides the haves and the haves not’s. You cant hire a builder in Ireland at the moment without being billed through the eye. Front Doors being fitted in private homes, Kitchens Dublin with the latest mod’s and con’s, maybe even a Wooden Conservatory the private homeowners are increasing their property’s value and comfort while working renters are fleeced with sky high rents and no tax breaks.
Light appeared to be at the end of the tunnel as new builds have been flying up across Dublin’s commuter belts, along with off the ball idea’s being granted planning such as “co-living”.

The Celtic tiger is definitively roaring even personal injury solicitors are plying a booming trade.

Apart from the fact mortgage draw downs have had little increase and state grant’s of above 300 million for housing associations to purchase large portions of new builds has the construction sector considered #brexit and government funding cuts to the very housing bodies purchasing in excess of 40%+ of their builds?